Salt Fleet Flats, Kent

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72 weeks

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Byrne Looby & Partners

Environmental mitigation as part of DP World’s new Salt Fleet Flats development.

Before construction, Salt Fleet Flats was originally pasture land protected from tidal inundation by a reinforced concrete topped earth embankment which formed part of the primary flood defences to the River Thames.

Design & build project which involved the formation of a 700m wide breach in the existing flood defence embankment adjacent to the River Thames, and a 1m reduction of the ground levels by excavation so that the area will be subject to regular tidal inundation and promote the formation of a mudflat.

A new 2.4km inland flood defence embankment was also constructed and tied into the existing defences.


An existing public right of way running along the top of the flood embankment was also diverted onto the new embankment.

Once completed, the existing River Thames flood embankment was breached to allow the land to flood at high tide.

The project forms part of DP World’s London Gateway Port which we later extended from three berths to four while still allowing for the future construction of berth 5.

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