Leaving a positive
environmental legacy.

Sustainability is key. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint with sustainable impact across all of our construction and civil engineering projects.

Net Zero Strategy

We acknowledge our responsibilities and the actions we must take in contributing to a sustainable future. Our priority is to reduce our carbon emissions every year and ultimately eliminate them from our business.

We are committed to adapting our business practice to achieve direct operational emissions of net zero by no later than 2030.

Furthermore, we are committed to working with our clients and supply chain to achieve net zero by 2040 and beyond net zero by 2045.

Managing our environmental impact

Every project is subject to a site-specific environmental risk assessment, and the results of this risk assessment form the core of a bespoke environmental plan that includes mitigation measures, operational controls, emergency responses, carbon footprint and a waste management plan.

McLaughlin & Harvey operates environmental management and energy management systems certified to ISO14001 and ISO50001 respectively.

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Using green electricity

In line with our refreshed net zero pathway of 2023, we will be transferring our electricity supplies to sites and offices to a fully green supply. This means all the electricity we use will be generated from renewable sources like solar or wind rather than burning fossil fuel.

Based on the amount of electricity we used last year, this will reduce our Co2e (Carbon equivalent) emissions by 825 tonnes per year. This is a significant reduction of 29% in our operational emissions, reflecting a tremendous commitment from the board on our way to net zero 2030.

More about our policies

Community Wood

Glasgow Wood Recycling is part of a network of social enterprises collecting and reusing waste wood in an environmentally beneficial way based on the principles of the circular economy. We have engaged them on several of our sites including Allander Leisure Centre and Woodland View School.

When our site teams have collected enough waste wood – pallets, scaffolding boards, cable reels – Glasgow Wood Recycling collect it. The wood is then transported back to the units where it is split into areas depending on its intended use.

Carbon literacy

To help raise awareness of plastic pollution in waterways, we were delighted to sponsor children’s book Stanley the Water Vole; a children’s audio / picture story book by Tales from Mother Earth.

Stanley’s story looks at the problem of plastic in our waterways and how incredibly harmful the misuse of plastic can be to our natural environment.

A fictional tale about a very real fact and threads a conservation message through the story detailing how valuable our wildlife is and what we can do to help it in the most positive of ways. Image for McLaughlin & Harvey
Image for McLaughlin & Harvey

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