Scape Scotland Construction

Awarded a Place for Projects
in Scotland from £7.5m+

McLaughlin & Harvey is a delivery partner on the SCAPE National Construction Framework for projects in Scotland from £7.5m+.  For over a decade, SCAPE has partnered with nationally recognised and local construction companies to deliver fully compliant framework services across the UK.

The framework is designed to offer a better way to build and refurbish the public estate and achieve market-leading performance in sustainability, whole-life performance and social value.

SCAPE Construction is a direct award framework designed to accelerate and deliver your essential projects to the highest possible standard. Over 1,000 public bodies have placed their trust in SCAPE’s direct award approach.

With over £250m of projects completed so far through the SCAPE framework and another £500m+ either in feasibility, pre-construction or on site, we can be trusted to deliver your next project.


Framework benefits

  • Speed to market
  • Value for money
  • Legal & credible
  • Certainty of outcome
  • Supply Chain and SME engagement
  • Performance managed
  • Contractor commitment to creating value
  • Community engagement


How it works

  • The client selects a trusted contractor to manage the process
  • The contractor has already bid very competitive pre-tendered rates for overheads, profit, prelims and people costs
  • Clients can appoint their own consultants, retain some or all and/or novate them
  • Free Feasibility Report
  • The contractor influences the design to ensure buildability, supply chain availability and management of risks to meet the budget and programme
  • Supply chain subcontractors and suppliers are 100% market-tested
  • The entire process is open-book and fully collaborative; the client can see everything and keep full control
  • No contract commitment until price and programme are almost certain
  • Performance is audited by Scape against KPIs

What we’ve achieved
in two years

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