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Leuchars Station is supporting child development

Date Posted 25.09.23

McLaughlin & Harvey has taken a significant step in supporting child development in the local community. As part of our Leuchars Station (MOD) project, we provided a much-needed modern outdoor classroom for Bright Horizons Day Care Centre.

Bright Horizons Day Care Centre has been a cornerstone of care in Leuchars. Offering top-tier wraparound services to ninety seven children aged twelve weeks to five years. Catering to both military and civilian communities stationed at the base.

In response to the growing needs of the community, McLaughlin & Harvey embarked on a mission to enhance the educational experience for young learners. A comprehensive community needs analysis recommended upgrades to the nursery.

McLaughlin & Harvey’s commitment to community wellbeing led to the creation of a modern outdoor classroom that not only expands the nursery’s capacity, but also fosters holistic learning. This innovative space promotes physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development while instilling a love for nature, thereby contributing to the overall wellbeing of children and their families.

An excellent addition to the Centre which will provide the children with opportunities to safely explore numeracy and literacy opportunities in a high-quality learning environment through play. Which is a central focus to support the children’s development. Helping staff to actively promote essential aspects of early learning through early literacy and numeracy skills across the curriculum including outdoor learning which is essential for children to be able to manage and regulate their emotions and understanding of the real world.

Carolann Owen

Day Care Centre Manager at Bright Horizons

We are proud to have played a part in enhancing the Bright Horizons Day Care Centre through the creation of this outdoor classroom. Our project delivery team exhibited remarkable dedication in ensuring the flawless installation of the outdoor classroom. They went the extra mile to turn this vision into reality. By actively listening to the community’s needs and acting on recommendations, we’ve not only expanded nursery provision, but also created a nurturing environment that supports child development and encourages a lifelong connection with the natural world. Our commitment is to create lasting value and improve the lives of the communities we serve.

Jane Elder

Social Value Manager at McLaughlin & Harvey

This is a prime example of how the Social Value Model should be applied by all Central Government procurement processes to ensure additional benefits are secured through Industry Partner tender commitments targeted at local needs and priorities. The Centre and the Station would like to thank McLaughlin & Harvey and their Social Value Manager, Jane Elder, who collaborated in the codesign and delivery of this commitment.

Susan Budd

Engagement and Community Support Officer at Leuchars Station (MoD)
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