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The Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme protects homes and businesses affected by flooding around the River Carron.

Providing a 0.5% chance of occurrence, including an allowance for climate change and a safety margin catering for uncertainties.

The River Carron flows through the centre of the town in a highly constrained corridor with private residential houses and public roads directly adjacent to our works area.


The project involved the construction of 2km flood walls on both sides of the river between the Red Bridge and the river mouth.


We also carried out alteration works to five bridges along the River Carron including the Red Bridge and Green Bridge which were removed, replaced and raised. The White Bridge which was removed, refurbished and reinstated in a raised position. The Bridgefield Bridge parapet was replaced with a reinforced glass-type material, and finally, the Beach Bridge was raised and widened.

Additionally, we removed the island downstream of the Green Bridge. We also constructed a new pedestrian walkway from Bridgefield Bridge to the Beach Bridge.

Two higher capacity culverts were also installed on the Glaslaw Burn, as well as a new culvert under the gardens of Cameron Street, to provide extra capacity during flooding events.

This is one of the few UK projects to feature innovative self-raising steel flood barriers to keep the walls low for residents. Ensuring that the residents don’t lose their view, but also allowing the flood barrier to automatically rise an additional 1.0m in height during a flood event.


km of flood walls


bridges altered




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  • Green Organisation Green Apple Award 2021 Scottish Silver Level

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