Port Infrastructure Fund Works at Liverpool, Heysham and Clydeport

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26 weeks


Corstorphine & Wright

Providing port infrastructure to improve the flow of trade. 

Works undertaken in Liverpool for The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company Limited, Heysham for Heysham Port Limited, and Greenock Ocean Terminal (Clydeport) for Peel Ports Group.

Works in Liverpool involved the enhancement of current Border Control Posts within existing warehouses, a new build structural steel building for a new Border Control Post, demolition of existing buildings to provide temporary holding areas and enhancement of traffic flows to the Border Control Posts.

Heysham’s works included the upgrade and enhancement of the existing warehouse to accommodate new Border Control Post and inspection facilities, the demolition of existing buildings to clear traffic routes and provide temporary holding areas, as well as a new build structural steel building to accommodate relocation of existing tenants.

Works in Clydeport involved the creation of a new Port Health facility and Border Force Post within an existing warehouse with temperature-controlled storage and inspection rooms. Works also included construction and connections of new drainage systems, utilities, lighting, and general site services. As well as enhancement of traffic routes and provision of temporary holding areas.

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