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Peterhead Harbour is the UK’s busiest fishing port. The project was required to accommodate larger ocean-going trawlers.

We acted as principal contractor with joint venture partner Boskalis Westminster to carry out strengthening and deepening of quay walls within the port.

Works included the reconstruction and refurbishment of the existing quays of the inner harbour and the deepening of the harbour to allow larger vessels access.

We also strengthened the existing quays to accommodate the new dredged depths, reconstructed jetties and widened the entrance. Additionally, we carried out land reclamation to facilitate future development.

This major fishing port remained live throughout our works and was subject to 24-hour working.

An essential requirement for the scheme was for works to be completed within a live port environment with disruption to port activities kept to a minimum. The harbour estate also houses a large number of businesses associated with supporting the fishing and North Sea marine industry, e.g. fish processing, vessel repair, etc.

The harbour itself is also located directly adjacent to the town centre with potential impacts on local businesses, e.g. shops, bars, restaurants, as well as residents and the local roads.

To mitigate this, we regularly communicated with key stakeholders, including fishermen and vessel users. We managed a phased approach to the delivery of the works with only short sections of quay taken out of operation at any given time.

Our works were also undertaken concurrently with other ongoing works in the harbour, in particular the reconstruction of the fish market buildings which was carried out under a separate contract by a third-party contractor.

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