Knockmore to Lurgan Track Rehabilitation

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17.5km of track rehabilitation from Knockmore to Lurgan.

This railway line forms part of the main twin track on the Belfast to Dublin route which totals 35km.

Due to deterioration of the track bed and lack of previous maintenance investment, the speed allowed had been reduced to a limiting 20 miles per hour.

The primary objective of the scheme was to return to, and maintain, the operational line speed on the network.

This was the first use of ballast cleaning technology to reconstruct track bed on the NI rail network.

The project facilitated an increase in the line speed to 90mph from 40 miles per hour on this section of line between Lisburn and Lurgan. It was being carried out as a trial prior to full implementation in phases across the network.

Our works involved the use of a specialist ballast cleaning train which runs on the track during a combination of Green Zone Working, overnight possessions and full weekend possessions.

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