King George V Dock West Quay Redevelopment Berth 10

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Peel Ports Ltd




36 weeks

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Arch Henderson

Developing existing infrastructure to create a new facility at King George V Dock.

Works involved the demolition of an existing shed and hardstanding. As well as the construction of a new metals handling facility for the processing, storage and transport of scrap metals.

Works also included extensive reinforced concrete paved areas and a piled relieving slab to enable heavy plant to load scrap metal products onto vessels. In addition to the construction of a new office building, end-of-life vehicle facility, maintenance shed, and other storage sheds.

Two weighbridges were also installed, along with new fencing around the entire site including an acoustic screen to the northern perimeter.

As well as the removal of redundant drainage systems as necessary, and then the construction and connection of a new drainage system.

Additionally, other external included works covering car parking facilities adjacent to the office building, as well as landscaping works to the perimeter of the site.

The existing entrance, which connects the site to King’s Inch Road, was upgraded as part of the works. This serves as the main entrance to the new facility.

The dock was a live operational port facility handling commodities from ship to store and from store to off-site distribution. With significant heavy vehicle and mobile crane movements continuously around the site, the site also provides storage for wind turbine components that by their nature are large units that are transported from the site.

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