Scape Utilities Works and Services Framework

Appointed to deliver utilities projects throughout the UK

SCAPE has launched its new Utilities Works and Services frameworks, designed to empower utility sector organisations to shape their utilities projects and programmes through an accelerated, direct award model.

A £3bn framework covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a separate dedicated £1bn framework will serve Scotland. The framework will run for four years with an option to extend to a total duration of eight years.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, SCAPE has appointed McLaughlin & Harvey to deliver projects in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. The frameworks have been created to provide clients with access to specialist contractors compliant with the UK Utilities Contract Regulations and Scottish Utilities Contracts Regulations.

Through an accelerated direct award model, the frameworks will enable the delivery of projects across a variety of sectors including docks, ports and harbours, rail and metro, aviation, water, renewables, energy (gas and electricity, including maintenance), and telecommunications.

Each sector has an important role to play in the UK’s green transition, from enabling new grid connections that facilitate the integration of renewables and protect the country’s energy supply for the future, to connecting communities and unlocking growth through new rail projects and enhanced coastal infrastructure, such as ports and harbours.

The SCAPE Utilities frameworks have been created to support better-connected communities, future-proof national infrastructure and scale-up green energy projects that support the use of renewables. These new frameworks will help clients accelerate the works and services needed to support a low-carbon economy in the years to come. As with all our frameworks, enhanced social value will underpin every project, ensuring we leave a positive, sustainable legacy within each community.

Mark Robinson

Group Chief Executive at SCAPE

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