Sustainability We have embedded sustainability within all aspects of our business


We have embedded sustainability within all aspects of our business, striving to maintain our positive impact environmentally, socially, and economically.

McLaughlin & Harvey has identified key impact areas and has implemented initiatives to address energy use and carbon emissions, waste and materials management, water consumption, biodiversity, social, economic, and sustainable procurement.

In doing so, McLaughlin & Harvey has adopted the triple bottom line plus one model for sustainable development which considers environmental, social, and economic issues with good corporate governance.

McLaughlin & Harvey has been a winner of numerous Environmental/Sustainability Awards demonstrating the effectiveness of our third-party accredited ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, as well as our team's hard work on-site.

Net Zero by 2030

In delivering the facilities and infrastructure we need to live and thrive while employing millions of people, the UK construction industry is a major contributor to society. However, the industry is also a significant contributor to climate change emissions and resource consumption. Emissions reduction targets are nothing new, however there is clear acknowledgement that a science-based approach ensures that targets are aligned with accepted science to achieve the desired limiting effects on climate change.

This is the foundation of our Net Zero Strategy. Delivery of our commitment is a business wide responsibility, from the Board of Directors through our pre-construction and project delivery teams and our supply chain. Strategic actions and requirements will be a key consideration in our decision making, procurement and training processes.

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Net Zero by 2030

McL&H Net Zero Strategy

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