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Old Bushmills Distillery Off-site Maturation Facility

  • Civil Engineering
  • ClientThe Old Bushmills Distillery
  • Value£10,000,000
  • Duration76 weeks
  • Employers Representative Johnston Houston
Old Bushmills Distillery Off-site Maturation Facility

Construction of 2 new maturation warehouses on a stand-alone, greenfield site located in very close proximity to the existing distillery site.

In addition to the 2 new maturation warehouses, the overall development works at the site included alterations to the existing road layout, substantial earthworks and ground remodelling, provision of essential firefighting infrastructure, site boundary works, extensive landscape planting and other associated works.

Formation of bases, permanent accesses and hardstandings for a further 19 warehouses were constructed as part of the overall redevelopment of the site. All earthworks for the wider site development have been undertaken in this phase to facilitate planting before the construction of further maturation warehouses, minimising the visual impact of this major development on its rural surroundings.

Feature of ProjectPollution

Preventing water pollution was a key consideration in developing our construction methodology for the work. We implemented stringent monitoring of a watercourse through the site which is a tributary of the distillery burn, where water is extracted for whiskey production. We have implemented a robust Construction Phase Environmental Management Plan in line with our ISO14001 certified management system, the client’s strict environmental management requirements, and local authority conditions / consents.


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