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Chandos Tennis Club, London

  • Construction
  • ClientBDW Trading Ltd
  • Value£5,000,000
  • Duration50 weeks
  • Architect McLaughlin & Harvey Technical Services
Chandos Tennis Club, London

Construction included four outdoor synthetic grass courts, one junior court, storage structures, landscaping, car park, and four covered tennis courts with a bespoke tent style canopy roof.

The PVC fabric roof covering allows the space to be naturally ventilated, boosting the energy efficiency of the building while also offering protection from the weather all year long.

A new clubhouse with lounge, café, gymnasium, meeting room and changing facilities was also constructed. The clubhouse was built with a steel frame, timber cladding and completed with a high-specification finish.

The clubhouse is located in the centre of site, between both sets of tennis courts, and is modelled on the style of a ‘garden pavilion’ with a palette of natural materials including timber board and cladding.

It is fully equipped with a range of facilities, designed to support the club into the future and facilitate involvement into the community.

Feature of ProjectRestoration

Approximately 100m of existing 19th century listed railings were to be retained and refurbished at the north of the site to provide a new access point for the tennis club. Due to the use of lead paint, the existing railings were carefully removed and refurbished off-site before being returned and reinstated to the original line and details. They were returned to their original 19th century appearance as a continuous, unbroken line along the northern boundary of the site.


Community EngagementChurch & Crematorium

It was necessary to work closely with the neighbouring church and crematorium to ensure that no noisy works were being carried out during funerals or services. We liaised with the church on a weekly basis and closed the site to allow a special memorial service to take place for the police service to commemorate the death of a colleague in local riots, thirty years previously.

Church & Crematorium