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Bilston Primary School, Edinburgh

  • Construction
  • ClientMidlothian Council
  • Value£6,700,000
  • Duration58 weeks
  • Architect AHR
Bilston Primary School, Edinburgh

Design and construction of a single-storey eight classroom primary school and nursery.

The works were scheduled over two phases. The first phase involved the construction of the Bilston Primary School building, and the second included the formation of the playground, demolition of the original school and installation of a new football pitch, community playground, and a MUGA facility.

Internally, there is electrical, mechanical and plumbing equipment, carpet and vinyl flooring throughout.

There are timber doors to all areas with sliding partitions to classrooms, community hall and expressive arts departments.

Feature of ProjectOccupied Site

The Bilston Primary School project presented unique challenges from a construction delivery perspective, with the works to be completed within a site currently occupied by the existing primary school, which remained operational throughout. Our delivery proposals for Bilston Primary School had fully considered the risks posed to the local community and adjacent Roslin Primary School which were especially important as the existing primary school and adjacent pavilion were fully functional during this contract.

Occupied Site