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Pledging to reduce GHG emissions by 2030


McLaughlin & Harvey was thrilled to sign the Climate Action Pledge NI, a public commitment to achieving an ambitious target of reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30%/50% by 2030.

The pledge is a driver for business to take action on the climate emergency, working to ensure a liveable future and limit the increase in global temperatures well below 2°C.

By signing the Climate Action Pledge and setting and striving to achieve ambitious GHG reduction targets, we aim to demonstrate our commitment and willingness to collaborate to address this critical issue.

John Logan, McLaughlin & Harvey Group Environmental Manager, commented: “Signing the Climate Action Pledge demonstrates the responsibility we feel at McLaughlin & Harvey for our share of the industry’s carbon emissions. We are proud to be part of the wider collaboration on climate action with our partners in the BITC NI Sustainability Professionals Forum”.

Kieran Harding, BITC Managing Director, said: “Signing the Climate Action Pledge is an act of public accountability that proves to an organisation’s stakeholders, customers and employees that they are taking ambitious action on the climate crisis. To make a real difference, businesses need to collaborate and act now. We are delighted McLaughlin & Harvey has joined our growing group of Northern Ireland organisations that have made a public declaration to take action urgently.”

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