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Wild at Woburn


Volunteers from McLaughlin & Harvey and residents and carers from Jewish Care had a wild time at Woburn Safari Park yesterday.

The volunteers, carers and residents were able to experience the kingdom of carnivores and giraffe junction, as well as a close up encounter with a friendly barbary macaque who wanted to see who was inside the coach.

McLaughlin & Harvey are currently on-site at Stanmore transforming the existing care home into a new care community which will include 48 independent living apartments, 16 assisted living apartments, 64-bed EMI care, communal areas, a central concourse area, kitchen / dining facilities, and new external landscaped areas.

Megan Butler, one of the McLaughlin & Harvey volunteers, commented, “The trip to Woburn Safari Park with some of the Jewish Care staff and residents was an incredibly rewarding experience. We had the opportunity to interact with the residents, find out a little more about the future users of our site and brighten their day with something a bit different! This was a fantastic outing, enjoyed by all.”

Gillian Gold, Jewish Care Employee Volunteering Coordinator, commented, “We would like to thank McLaughlin & Harvey for funding the fantastic trip yesterday, making it possible for the residents at Jewish Care’s Princess Alexandra Home to enjoy the outing to Woburn Safari Park. The residents really enjoyed chatting to the McLaughlin & Harvey volunteers who were so helpful and friendly throughout the day, making a great day out even better. They created a lovely opportunity for the residents and the team from the construction company to get to know each other. Employee Volunteering has a positive impact for everyone involved. It is the perfect opportunity for team building whilst doing something worthwhile and valuable for others.”

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