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CCT New Year Honours 2016


McLaughlin & Harvey’s flagship Waitrose store has been selected to receive an accolade this year from the Chester Civic Trust.

The project involved the redevelopment of an industrial brownfield site, and is a ‘store on stilts’ consisting of retail space and associated warehouse, office and amenities areas supported on a suspended first floor slab. The majority of car parking is accommodated on site beneath the main store.

The new 30,000sqft store and retail units are clad with a combination of structural glazing and bronze feature cladding. The development also includes significant improvements to the public realm and a new footbridge over the Shropshire Union Canal helping to deliver the City Council’s vision for greater use of the canal corridor.

Each year since 2007, Chester Civic Trust has highlighted some of the best changes to the built environment. This year our Waitrose project has been selected to receive a Certificate of Commendation.

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