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2016 Construction Investing in Talent Awards


McLaughlin & Harvey has been shortlisted as a finalist in three categories in the 2016 Construction Investing in Talent Awards.

The Awards are about rewarding individuals and teams within companies who work hard to attract and retain the best talent.

Barclay Chalmers, Managing Director for McLaughlin & Harvey Construction, said,“It’s very satisfying and a huge achievement to have the work we do recognised by the awards panel especially as we have been shortlisted alongside some of the industry’s household names in all three of the categories.”

McLaughlin & Harvey Construction has been shortlisted in Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, Best Wellbeing Initiative, and Innovation in Recruitment.

We have committed fully to the principles of the CITB Be Fair initiative. This is designed to engender a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect throughout our directly employed, agency and subcontract workforce. McLaughlin & Harvey completed equality and diversity training across the Company, face to face rather than via an online computer module; allowing employees to discuss and address issues in an open forum.

McLaughlin & Harvey has a health, safety and wellbeing website, You Matter where employees can access a wealth of information. As part of You Matter, the company engaged with Healthy Working Lives, a Scottish Government initiative, which allows McLaughlin & Harvey to integrate a strong culture of health, safety and wellbeing within the organisation in an interactive way. Each year, on their Health and Wellbeing Roadshow, staff have an opportunity to talk to a nurse about any health concerns they may have. This is proactive in tackling premature issues before they develop further. This year the number of health referrals dropped by 50%, demonstrating that early intervention is key.

We were nominated for the final category, Innovation in Recruitment, as the Company invests heavily in employee’s development, and in particular young people. There are a few different routes which young people can take, including the traditional route of gaining qualifications and experience through Trainee Schemes. McLaughlin & Harvey also develop young people through working with universities, recruiting summer placements and graduates. We recognise the need for investment in young people to safeguard the skills necessary for the Company to continue to thrive in the future.

As a Company we are well aware of the skills shortage the construction industry is facing and are looking for innovative ways to increase the numbers and quality of staff. It takes 5 years for trainees to complete their degree on a day release basis, meaning the trainees are supplementing their academic training with invaluable on the job experience. The trainee scheme is not the easy or quick solution, but we believe it to be a great investment and an effective means to bringing new talented people into the business and industry.

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