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Healthy Working Lives tour a success!


The Occupational Health and Safety Bus Tour is an initiative designed to support our workplaces by raising awareness of health related issues within the workforce and help people to proactively manage their health.

We have always felt that the tour bus is a great way to engage, not only with our own employees, but also those of our subcontractors working on our projects.

This years’ tour took place between 1 and 12 August 2016 and was another successful trip with the bus and support team visiting a total of 10 of our sites throughout the UK.

A total of 413 individuals were seen during this period by the Occupational Health Nurse for lifestyle checks. Out of this total, 70 people were referred to their GP for further tests, etc. The principal issues for referrals were concerns regarding cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. This year’s referrals equate to 17% of the total number seen over the period.

This is a significant reduction in the percentage of those referred in 2015. During the tour last year, out of a total of 480 individuals, 142 were referred to their GP’s giving a total of 30% referral rate.

We feel this demonstrates that the continuous proactive approach of Healthy Working Lives and You Matter teams are helping people make a positive impact on their health and well-being by raising awareness and helping them to make better lifestyle choices.

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