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McL&H breaks ground at Fife College


McLaughlin & Harvey has broken ground on the new college campus in Fife.

The new 26,910sqft Levenmouth Campus at Fife College will offer science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects and will boast dedicated areas including an engineering technology zone and maths lab. Other relevant curriculum subjects will be delivered through fully resourced areas including a hospitality and tourism zone, care space, hair and beauty salon and employability zone.

A specially designed time capsule, made by high school pupils studying at Fife College, was buried to mark the start of building work.

Robbie Clark, Operations Manager at McLaughlin & Harvey, said, “STEM subjects are at the core of our business so we’re excited to be involved with Fife College for this development. We understand first-hand the importance of ensuring that the next generation of Civil Engineers, Architects and Project Managers have the very best of training. We have a rich history of building high-quality education facilities across the UK and it’s great to further our credentials in the sector with an innovative project such as this.”

Fife Council Leader David Ross said, “This is an important milestone in the development of the new Levenmouth Campus with the start of the building work for the new Fife College facility. This will add to the new Levenmouth Academy that is well on the way to completion. The Levenmouth Academy is a replacement for Buckhaven and Kirkland High Schools and part of our £200m+ Building Fife’s Future Programme. It is one of a number of new schools which have led the way in design innovation and sustainability. They are becoming a model for a new type of community hub, bringing together a range of services under one roof. The young people of Levenmouth already receive an excellent education, now the buildings they learn in can match that excellence and inspire them to greater things. I’m confident this new campus will do just that.”

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