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McL&H to cycle from London to Paris


On Wednesday 1 July 2015, a group of riders will leave King’s College Hospital in London to follow the 'Avenue Verte', a 287-mile cycle ride to Paris.

The 13-strong team is drawn from the organisations that are currently engaged in designing and constructing the new helipad and Critical Care Unit at King’s College Hospital. The two nominated charities for this venture are Helipad Fund and Cystic Fibrosis Trust; 100% of the money raised will go straight to the chosen charities.

The riders are:

  • John Roden, Senior Construction Manager - McLaughlin & Harvey
  • Jim Wallace, Site Manager - McLaughlin & Harvey
  • Tom Best, Critical Care Lead Consultant - King's College Hospital
  • Matthew Ellams, Director – Watts
  • Tim Messer, Associate – Watts
  • Andrew Morley, Senior Project Manager – Watts
  • Richard Mogg, Senior Building Surveyor – Watts
  • Nick Benn, Director - BMJ Architects
  • Patrick McMenamin, Director – Sweett
  • David Bownass, Director – WSP
  • Terry Price, Associate Director – WSP
  • Michael Sharples, Managing Director - Under One Roofing
  • Simon Norris, Partner – Quantam

A target has been set to raise £10,000. We hope you will support our ride and these charities, who make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people.

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