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Iconic Gobbins Tubular Hoop Bridge installed


The iconic tubular hoop bridge of Gobbins Coastal Path was installed by McLaughlin & Harvey as the restoration nears completion.

The original Coastal Path, which was linked by a series of spectacular metal bridges, was designed in 1902 as a commercial venture to attract passengers to use the rail link between Belfast and Whitehead. The path was closed to the public in 1954, and fell into a state of disrepair, with many of the original metalwork structures and rails damaged or collapsed because of rust and the action of the sea.

In its day the coastal path was more popular than the Giant’s Causeway, and it is hoped that the restoration will return the attraction to its former glory for a new generation to see.

John Glass, Director with McLaughlin & Harvey, commented, “The Gobbins path will be an excellent tourist attraction for Northern Ireland. McLaughlin and Harvey are both proud and excited to be playing a key role in restoring such an iconic structure back into use.”

Works have included the installation of approximately 1km of new coastal path, new hand railings, and 20 new bridge structures, including the replication of the famous tubular hoop bridge.

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