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McL&H achieve CORE standard


McLaughlin & Harvey has gained certification to Business in the Community CORE – The Standard for Responsible Business.

This is Northern Ireland’s only corporate responsibility standard.

The CORE Standard has been designed to help organisations demonstrate their responsibility. It provides a framework for identifying corporate responsibility activity and measuring performance against other organisations.

McLaughlin & Harvey was one of the pilot companies for this standard, and was one of the first six companies, across all sectors, to achieve this certification.

The assessment process ensures only businesses that are performing at or above the specified standard can achieve CORE. Businesses that are successful in achieving CORE are recognised as leaders in corporate responsibility practice.

CORE is based on BITC’s Corporate Responsibility Model. This model details the main corporate responsibility issues under the People, Planet and Place themes alongside three essential requirements that businesses must consider – marketplace responsibility, stakeholder engagement and responsible leadership.

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