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An innovative ‘cure’ reaps rewards


McLaughlin & Harvey were honoured to win a Certificate of Excellence award in the Innovation category at the 2013 Northern Ireland Concrete Society Awards.

We were presented with the the award for our use of MagnaDense concrete in the foundation of Minesto’s Deep Green Ocean Kite – a tidal energy generator in Strangford Lough, Co. Down.

The unique design of Minesto’s ‘Sea Kite’ enables it to accelerate the speed of the water through its under-slung generator by up to ten times that of the tidal velocities. We proposed an alternative design to use MagnaDense concrete compared to traditional methods in the gravity base foundation. MagnaDense, which is supplied by Minelco, is an iron ore product used as a heavy weight aggregate.

The use of MagnaDense provided the following benefits:

  • For the required submerged weight, the use of magnadence allowed us to reduce the dry weight and volume of the gravity base which enabled the use of local marine infrastructure rather than loading out from the more expensive commercial port facilities
  • Concrete volume reduced by 50%, providing reduced drag load

We worked with the following local supply chain network to deliver this challenging project within a very tight timescale; RPS Group, Minelco, MMI Eng, Moore Concrete, Hasson Engineering, Leask Marine & Strangford Moorings, DV Diving and Fastener Connections. We would like to thank our supply chain partners for their contribution towards the project and to securing this award.

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