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The UK and Ireland's leading supplier of premium Fabric Structures and Air Domes.


CapabilitiesOur Approach

Rocklyn was established in 1980 as a specialist engineering business focused on retail equipment, street furniture and hardware used by retailers.

This focus changed in and around 2004 as the market for fabric structures started to gather pace. Since then, Rocklyn has become specialised in this field and has established a market leading reputation throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Our Approach


Rocklyn is a leading supplier of airdomes, also known as domes or bubbles, across the UK and Ireland.

Air domes are structures that are fully supported by internal air pressure which is created using purpose built industrial fans.

They provide a cost effective alternative to traditional building and are transformational for the utilisation of artificial pitches. The domes have a life expectancy of greater than 20 years and can be designed for erection on a full year round, or purely seasonal, basis.

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CapabilitiesFixed Fabric Structures

Rocklyn uses the market leading Veldeman system for their fixed fabric structures. These structures present an aesthetically attractive and cost effective alternative to traditional build options.

The flexibility of the structure allows them to be effectively used across a wide variety of sectors including leisure, industrial, conference facilities, concert venues, sporting and education. There is a wide range of versatile styles that can be tailored to customer requirements. These can include vast span widths, openable sides, heating, air handling and the utilisation of natural light.

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Fixed Fabric Structures